Ten Mile Farm specializes in the highest-quality, sun-powered cannabis. Our family-owned farm is located outside of Ashland, Oregon at the biodiverse intersection of the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountains. It’s home to an awesome array of wildlife that includes black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, gray fox, coyote, black-tailed deer and over 200 species of birds including protected great gray owls and peregrine falcons. The first gray wolves to cross the Cascades since 1947 reside a ridgeline away.

At 4,600 feet, Ten Mile Farm enjoys the clean, cool air high above the I-5 corridor and valley floor. The cooler temperatures at higher altitudes create a slower growth cycle for the cannabis plant, extending the time required for flower development. This longer maturation process imbues the flowers with unique, complex and rich flavors.


We plant in ground to take advantage of our farm's balanced, mineral rich forest loam soil that is enriched with organic compost and nutrients. Our well, located at the top of Ice House Creek, provides the farm with cold, clean and plentiful water. Ten Mile Farm is independent from the utility grid. All of the electricity used on the farm for water pumping, lighting, and cannabis preparation and curing is provided by a state-of-the-art solar-electric system.


We feel fortunate to be able to work hard and kick back with family and friends in such a unique and beautiful place. We believe that not only how, but where cannabis is grown has a deep impact on its quality and your experience and enjoyment. We look forward to sharing a taste of our experience with you.


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